The range of TM RinG abrasive tools is focused on meeting the needs of a wide range of Consumers in various fields of activity – from high-intensity industrial applications to solving ordinary production problems.

Designed for cutting, cleaning, grinding and polishing, the TM RinG range of abrasive tools is designed to meet the requirements and requests for tool life and cost in various applications. Given that the conditions and requirements for cutting off and grinding wheels can be very different, our technicians, relying on many years of experience in the field of abrasive tools, have developed two types of specifications:

  • The RinG Industrial® range of abrasive wheels is designed for the toughest applications and is ready for use by the most demanding users. The main scope of application is shipbuilding, bridge-building plants, metal structures plants. Differs in the high durability and firmness of the tool.
  • For customers who require an optimal solution to their problems according to the “golden mean” principle, the universal circles of the medium and most popular RinG® line, which have the best price-quality ratio, are perfect.

Over the years of development, RinG Abrasive has earned an excellent reputation and significantly expanded the range by adding diamond tools, abrasive paper tools and technical steel wire brushes to the line, which made it possible to create a unique line of RinG Abrasive tools for cutting, grinding, deburring and polishing of metals, stone and other materials. The full range of TM RinG tools is available from our distributors from Warsaw and Vienna to Chelyabinsk and Almaty.

Advantages of our products

Mechanical resistance

The ability of a material to withstand stress while maintaining its shape during cutting, grinding and polishing.


The use of grains with high tensile strength in materials and tools, which affects the durability of the working surface.


Fast and high-quality processing of surfaces of various materials, as well as high productivity of all types of processing.

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