About Us
ТМ RinG Abrasive

The history of TM RinG Abrasive dates back to 2006, when an international team of experts in metal machining, in search for optimal abrasive solutions for industrial application, developed technical requirements for a new line of abrasive tools.

The main objective set when developing the requirements was to achieve high performance and at the same time – balanced cost for the consumer.

Over the years, ТМ RinG Abrasive products have taken a strong position in the markets of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Transcaucasia, not only in the industrial segment of abrasive tools, but also found widespread use in the DIY segment.

We are proud that the leading enterprises in the field of power engineering, pipe industry, railway car and bridge construction trust quality and reliability of our brand.

Our capabilities

We offer the widest range of abrasives from 6mm diameter grinding heads to 900x100x305 grinding wheels, and have the capability to comprehensively supply the largest industrial enterprises with abrasives.


The aim of our company is to offer the best all-round supply of abrasive tools to both industrial companies and retail chains in the market.

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